Clorofilla Srl

Clorofilla informs, educates and updates health care professionals, researchers, consumers and patients with medically referenced content.

Lallemand Health Solutions

Vertically integrated probiotic manufacturer specialized in the R&D, production and marketing of probiotic bacteria and yeast.

Biofarma Srl

Biofarma Group is the new Italian and European market leader in the development, manufacture and packaging of supplements, medical devices, probiotic-based drugs and cosmetics, exclusively for third parties.


Our qPCR-based platform enables rapid, targeted, and cost-effective microbiome profiling (PMP™).


TargEDys is the pioneer of precision probiotics, backed by a mechanism of action at molecular scale.

SynBalance SRL

SYNBALANCE SRL, is an Italian company focused on the design and development of top-quality probiotic strains.


Microbiological analysis and beyond analysis.


Postbiotica a biotechnology company have devised a new fermentation process called PBTech®.

Sacco System

Sacco System is the international biotech hub, for food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. A unique network of four biotechnology companies working in synergy within a single business system, built on tradition, expertise, research & innovation. Serving more than 110 countries.

Labomar spa

CDMO focused on food supplements, probiotics, medical devices, cosmetics, with high scientific value.

Seventure Partners

Investments can range between €500k and €10m per round, or up to €20m per company, from early to late stage, growth, pre-IPO and IPO.

Probi AB

Probi® focuses on developing clinically proven probiotic strains based on state-of-the-art R&D.


Our goal is to develop clinical evidence-based probiotics with pharmaceutical-grade production for therapeutic applications.

PharmExtracta SpA

PharmExtracta is a great innovator in the world of probiotics, active for more than 10 years in selecting peculiar bacterial strains that are endowed with very specific properties to develop unique probiotic solutions for Specific Bacterial Care.

Dicofarm S.p.A.

Dicofarm is a pharmaceutical group that develops innovative formulations and markets directly his products in several countries around the world.

The BioArte

At BioArte, we are dedicated to advancing the field of biomolecular research through our highly specialized focus on the human microbiota and interaction with human genetics. Founded in 2020 by Manuele Biazzo and Christian Duchow, our goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the microbiome. Our centre is home to a team …

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CosmosID, Inc.

CosmosID is a leading provider of end-to-end microbiome analysis solutions.

vermicon AG

With more than 25 years of expertise in the field of microbiological biocenosis and cultivation-independent methods, vermicon AG succeeds in the rapid enumeration, identification, and visualization of microorganisms directly in the probiotic sample. Providing customized microbiological solutions for all stages of the development and manufacturing pipeline, vermicon AG is a reliable partner for pharmaceutical producers of microbiological …

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Nordic Biotic

​​Our purpose We improve human health through beneficial microbiome bacteria, the effectiveness of which is: Proven by science. Naturally. Nordic Biotic brings clinically proven probiotic products at an affordable price to a market where most products have limited scientific evidence.


Phylogene is an R&D and testing company involved in proteomics, metaproteomics, metabolomics, genomics, metagenomics and dedicated bioinformatics. samples such as skin, biopsies, stools,cells; expertise is on drug or active component effect determination activities, biomarker discovery, quantification and validation, up to perfecting of analytical techniques and diagnostics. Involved technologies are immunochemistry, mass spectrometry, PCR, rtPCR, sequencing …


The Hyve

The Hyve is the data & informatics service provider for life science organizations looking to align their data infrastructure with their research needs. We enable open science by developing and implementing open-source solutions – such as cBioPortal, Open Targets, OHDSI/OMOP, RADAR-base, Fairspace – and FAIRifying data in life sciences.


Eyemetagenomics with Lucy Database Platform helps you to identify the microorganism profile in a sample, allowing you to more accurately predict your patients pathology development , to monitor patients microbiome status over time and to customize and share with your patients their eye microbiome results and discuss with them the best way to cure potential …

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Integral Solutions

Integral Solutions is an advanced biotechnological enterprise specializing in the cultivation and application of microbiome-centric solutions. Our cutting-edge research and development are geared towards amplifying cognitive resilience under high-stress conditions, catering to military, aerospace, and athletic sectors. Our central mission is to pioneer health and performance enhancements through sophisticated microbiome optimization.

Lactosan International GmbH & Co KG

Lactosan is one of the leading manufacturers of products based on lactic acid bacteria. The company’s strength lies in the realization of ideas, the development of new products or processes, and production on an industrial scale of microorganisms and also enzymes. Our company has a long experience and expertise in biotechnology, especially in development of …

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Mendes SA

Mendes SA has been dedicated to scientifically developing the De Simone Formulation since 2012. This 8-strain probiotic has a proven safety profile, rigorously validated in clinical studies for various medical conditions such as IBD, IBS and liver diseases. What Makes the DSF a Winning Solution • High concentration – 8 strains of bacteria • A …

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Creative Biolabs

Established for more than 10 years, Creative Biolabs has grown into a leading CRO in the field of live biotherapeutic drug discovery. Focusing on the next-generation probiotics (NGPs) for years, Creative Biolabs has established and optimized our platform with advanced technologies, experienced specialists, and professional scientific staff gradually. Every step we paid is to provide …

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Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry’s in-depth translational medicine platform provides pharmaceutical companies and research institutions with a full range of integrated pharmaceutical services. Our non-clinical R&D services cover the full spectrum of preclinical new drug research in pharmaceuticals, including drug discovery, pharmacology studies, and preclinical studies.

Chr. Hansen

A global bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Our microbial and fermentation technology platforms, including our broad and relevant collection of around 50,000 microbial strains, have game-changing potential. Matching customer needs and global trends we continue to unlock the power of good bacteria to respond to …

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We are an EU-based company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is operating as an outsourcing provider for a varying range of products in Food Supplements sector including but not Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes and etc. Our staff has a deep proficiency in fields of product knowledge including but not limited to ingredients, technologies, packaging, and …


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