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Our qPCR-based platform enables rapid, targeted, and cost-effective microbiome profiling (PMP™).

The mission of Bio-Me is to provide researchers and industry with a microbiome analysis platform that delivers actionable microbiome results in a reliable and quick way.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have been crucial in investigating and characterizing the human microbiome. However, the transformation of NGS data into actionable solutions is limited by challenges related to precision, turnaround time, cost per sample, and the need for complex bioinformatic pipelines. For this purpose, Bio-Me developed Precision Microbiome Profiling (PMP™) in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific. PMP™ is a novel qPCR-based platform that allows accurate, quick (100-200 samples in 2 hours), reproducible, and cost-efficient large-scale microbiome profiling at the species/strain level. The output consists of quantitative and ready-to-use results, overcoming the need for bioinformatics data processing.

Bio-Me’s proprietary pipeline allows the development of specific qPCR assays for the microbial targets of interest. We currently offer four off-the-shelf profiling solutions:

  1. Gut Microbiome Extensive Panel
  2. IBD/IBS/Gut Health Screening Microbiome Panel
  3. Colorectal Cancer Microbiome Panel
  4. Vaginal Microbiome Panel

In addition, we offer a convenient gut microbiome sampling solution as a kit and extraction/purification of DNA.

Moreover, we are developing a dedicated skin microbiome panel covering major organisms important for skin health. We are also working on an immuno-oncology and an infant gut health panel. Thanks to the flexibility of the PMP™ platform, we can customize microbiome profiling panels according to our clients’ needs.

Bio-Me works with leading academic institutions worldwide and key opinion leaders in the microbiome field. We support pharma and biotech companies during the clinical development of microbiome-modifying drugs with our profiling solutions and our access to fecal samples and anonymized medical registries from more than 13 000 subjects (collaboration with HUNT4). In addition, Bio-Me participates in clinical trials for several disease areas, such as cancer immunotherapy, IBD, and colorectal cancer.

Key Features of PMP™

  • End-to-end solution – From sample collection kit to microbiome profile results
  • Short turnaround time – Results ready in 2-5 hours from sample arrival
  • High throughput – Hundreds of samples analyzed simultaneously
  • Ready-to-use results – No bioinformatics steps needed from your side for data processing
  • Absolute quantification – The output is the number of genomes per ng of DNA
  • High-level resolution – Species, subspecies, and strain level
  • Highly reproducible and accurate

Products and offerings

Off-the-Shelf Offerings

Products and servicesDescription
Gut Microbiome Extensive Panel v1.2~ 100 target organisms, species/subspecies level
IBD/IBS/Gut Health ScreeningMicrobiome Panel v1.2~ 100 target organisms, species/subspecies level
Colorectal Cancer Microbiome Panel v1.0~ 50 target organisms, species/subspecies level
Vaginal Microbiome Panel v1.034 bacterial, viral, and fungal targets
Fecal Collection KitFor sampling and storing of fecal material
DNA extraction/purificationFrom fecal samples

Custom Solutions

Products and servicesDescription
PMP™ Custom 5656 target organisms from library of ~ 180 assays
PMP™ Assay DevelopmentDesign of new specific qPCR assays

Under Development

Products and servicesDescription
Skin microbiome panel ~ 15 target organisms
Immuno-oncology panel ~ 50 target organisms
Infant gut health panel~ 50 target organisms

Market area

Asia-Pacific · Europe · North America & Canada


Oslo, Norway

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