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PharmExtracta is a great innovator in the world of probiotics, active for more than 10 years in selecting peculiar bacterial strains that are endowed with very specific properties to develop unique probiotic solutions for Specific Bacterial Care.

PharmExtracta® introduces Precision Bacterial Care

PharmExtracta® was born from the experience of professionals in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector who share a great passion for scientific innovation and aim at finding new solutions for human health, in line with most recent discoveries. 

From the beginning of the project our R&D team developed and marketed more than 70 formulations, backed up by more than 40 patents, and published more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific studies confirming the scientific rationales behind products.

Starting from 2010s PharmExtracta® is particularly focused on launching new effective probiotics under the range called PrecisionBacterial Care.

In 2011 we were the first company in Europe to develop and launch Bactoblis®, a finished product containing the well-known Streptococcus salivarius K12, the first probiotic for the oral cavity that now boasts numerous studies all over the world.

Bactoblis® was then awarded at the Nutraingredients Awards as Finished Product of the Year in the category “Immune Support” in 2015.

More recently, in 2021, our probiotic formulation Crispact®, containing Lactobacillus crispatus M247 for women’s health, was selected asfinalist in CPhI Pharma Awards in the category “Excellence in Pharma: Finished Formulation”.

Our cornerstones of probiotics

When it comes to probiotics, PharmExtracta® chooses only well-characterized strains deposited in strain collections recognised as “International Depositary Authority” (IDA).

Before becoming PharmExtracta®’s products strains must prove

  • to be 100% safe for human consumption
  • not to confer antibiotic resistance
  • to survive stomach and bile acids
  • to adhere to epithelial cells of the target area

Moreover, our finished products are designed to maintain bacterial strains live and viable using

  • high-dose probiotic contents
  • specific packaging solutions
  • proper storage conditions

We strongly believe in precision probiotics able to provide specific health benefits. In this view, we launched several single-strain formulations that can be effectively used in the clinical practice.

The greatest strength of our products is their effectiveness that is validated clinical trials.

Why you should choose PharmExtracta®’s probiotics for your portfolio

There are many reasons why you should cooperate with PharmExtracta®.

First and most important of all, our products are simply unique, formulated out of scientific research and designed to work. The health benefits of our products speak for themselves.

Secondly, PharmExtracta® may help partners distinguish themselves from competitors, not only by providing new groundbreaking products, but also by sharing kwowledge and best practices for communicating the strengths of products to healthcare professionals and target audiences.

Products in the spotlight

Bactocillin® containing the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium breve PRL2020, the only probiotic product with intrinsic, non-transferable resistance to amoxicillin and amoxicillin/clavulate. The ideal add-on treatment to these drugs to avoid dysbiosis and antibiotic-associated side effects.

Crispact® containing the probiotic strain Lactobacillus crispatus M247. L. is the A-lister for vaginal microbiota and overall women’s health. The special strain M247 possesses intrinsic, non-transferable resistance to metronidazole and can survive high concentrations of boric acid, being therefore the best candidate to replenish vaginal environment also while taking these medications.

Gabapral® new psychobiotic product containing Bifidobacterium adolescentis PRL2019, bacteria strain with high GABA producing capacity capable to affect the gut-brain axis, alleviating anxiety, mood alterations and generally counteracting gut dysbiosis and related symptoms.

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Asia-Pacific · China · Europe · Far East · India · Middle East · North America · North America & Canada · Russia-CIS · South America


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