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SynBalance SRL

SYNBALANCE SRL, is an Italian company focused on the design and development of top-quality probiotic strains.

About us

SynBalance Srl is the new subsidiary company of ROELMI HPC, aiming at becoming a leader in the biotech industry. Our new company will mainly focus to discover and unlock the health-related prospects within the microbiota world.

With a vision to a sustainable future for all human kind, our mission consists into deliver highly scientifically evidenced probiotic solutions, taking care of people health through the modulation of the microbiota. Always committed to scientific research, to innovation and to the market, SynBalance designs, develops and manufactures high-quality proprietary probiotic strains belonging to Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, customized or studied premixes and ready-to-go supplements. 

Our philosophy

SynBalance’s philosophy is simple and clear. We focus on the screening of our proprietary probiotic library, through specifically designed in-vitro and ex-vivo models, allowing the selection of the most performing strains, whose efficacy is confirmed with human clinical trials. Technical dossiers are further enriched by stability data and specific formulation proposals targeting consumers’ requests. 

At SynBalance, we also study complementary applications and technological improvement for probiotics: strains microencapsulation (HUGbiotics®) allows probiotic applications in functional foods while improving stability and compatibility; we are investigating the potential of post-biotics, by using inactivated bacteria (SynbiOFF®) to boost commensal microbiota growth, to involve alternative biochemical mechanisms and to increase safety levels in fragile subjects.

Research and development

We approach different markets within the Life Sciences domain, through a scientific method based on clinical evidence, metabolic activity and technological improvement. Research on human microbiome proved that not all microorganisms can have the same effect on the host due to the heterogeneity of bacterial species and the phenotype characteristics of different strains: so, the proper use of probiotics as therapeutic or preventive ally necessarily passes through a precise knowledge of their metabolic and biological activity.

At SynBalance we strongly trust the unicity of a probiotic strain in a specific context, as well as we encourage the combination of few strains together to maximize the effect within the selected application. However, in-vitro and ex-vivo models cannot be really predictable with respect to human physiology. For this reason, we strongly commit to prove our preliminary hypothesis in clinical trials, to demonstrate both clinical and genomic effect on humans with respect to dosage and time of administration. Once a certain target has been proved, we always aim at enlarge the field of application, testing new segments or new target population within the same area. With such an approach, today we propose some probiotic concepts supported by 3 clinical trials and further ones pending, competing with the highest standard in the scientific community. 

Market area

Asia-Pacific · Europe · North America · South America


Origgio, VA, Italy

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