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Probi® focuses on developing clinically proven probiotic strains based on state-of-the-art R&D.

Probi® was established based on ground-breaking research by scientists at the Lund University Hospital in the 1980s, which demonstrated the ability of specific probiotic strains to support the function of the gut. The impact of this vital discovery inspires us to explore new scientific territory, seeking novel probiotic concepts to benefit human health.

Since our founding in Sweden in 1991, Probi® has expanded its presence to more than 40 markets globally. We combine innovative R&D, a keen knowledge of the latest trends, and state-of-the-art research to develop clinically proven probiotic solutions that add a unique competitive edge to our customers’ products.

High-quality and clinically documented probiotics to make your brand stand out

Our probiotic health concepts, formulations, and formats are supported by robust clinical documentation. We have an extensive probiotics portfolio (Probi ClinBac™) within broad health areas, including digestive and immune health, as well as unique health positions such as iron-absorption and bone health. We also offer solutions that target specific consumer groups, including children, women, and seniors.

To date, our scientists and research groups around the globe have published more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific articles and more than 70 clinical trials for the strain LP299V® alone. We also hold more than 400 granted patents and patent applications.

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Asia-Pacific · China · Europe · Far East · India · Middle East · North America & Canada · Russia-CIS · South America


Lund, Sweden

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