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Founded in 1978 as a biochemical research center, the company focuses its main activity on the study of the dairy sector and in the development, production, and marketing of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). During its 44 years of activity, Biochem SRL has made use of innovative production technologies for the development of its products, specialized technicians, and a great passion for the agro-industrial microbiology.


Quality, customization and rapidity in development are the fundamental keys to satisfy the customer’s needs and preserve tradition. This is the philosophy that the company applies every day in its products and in relations with national and international customers, pleased to be able to forge a solid partnership with our customers. Thanks to the experience and passion of highly specialized technicians, our laboratories can create “tailor-made” cultures of lactic bacteria according to customer needs, offering careful technical advice in the use of products in full respect of tradition.

Development areas

  • 1978: the company has focused its attention on the dairy sector, both with the production of LAB dedicated to the dairy industry, with laboratory analyzes aimed at technical support of customers and the achievement of R&D objectives. The dairy sector currently represents the principal Business Unit.
  • 2014: the company has isolated, reproduced, and industrially tested selected cultures for the meat sector, a sector currently in strong growth.
  • 2016: the company has undertaken the development of special probiotic cultures aimed at applications in the livestock and human sectors.

R&D area

The active collaboration with our customers and the rapidity in the development of projects allow us to always be at the forefront of the sector, anticipating the market demands. The knowledge acquired over time in the agri-food industry and the continuous technological investments allow us to operate and develop new solutions aligned with the market trends.
The principal activities carried out by our R&D department are:

  • Isolation, selection, and genetic characterization of strains.
  • Optimization of the development conditions of the strains.
  • Production in liquid, frozen, freeze-dried format for volumes ranging from 1.5 to 5,000 liters.
  • Optimization of bacterial growth conditions and strain concentration.
  • Optimization of the lyophilization conditions of the strains focused to obtain their maximum survival and stability over time.

Company certifications

Since the early years, Biochem SRL has always put the quality of its products first.
During its 40 years of work, it has obtained various quality certifications:

  • 1998: ISO 9001
  • 2008: Product certification from Bureau Veritas Italia.
  • 2016: Halal certification of its products certified by Halal International Authority (HIA) and Kosher.
  • 2016: Certification of products in accordance with the BRC and IFS regulations certified by Bureau Veritas Italia.

Probiotic sectors

The production activity of Biochem SRL in the probiotic areas for Nutra & Pharma applications could develops in two ways:

  • Third party production of bacterial strains owned by the pharma industries.
  • Production of own probiotic strains commercialized with LACTOFERM brand.

Market area

Asia-Pacific · Europe · North America & Canada · Russia-CIS · South America


Rome, Italy

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