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Biofarma Group is the new Italian and European market leader in the development, manufacture and packaging of supplements, medical devices, probiotic-based drugs and cosmetics, exclusively for third parties.

Biofarma Group Overview

Biofarma Group is the new Italian and European market leader in developing, producing, and packaging food supplements, medical devices, probiotic-based drugs, and cosmetics exclusively for third parties. With a turnover of around 300 million euros expected in 2022 and 914 employees, Biofarma Group is already a focal point in the Health-Care sector in the Italian and European markets. 

The Group is the result of the merger between Biofarma and Nutrilinea, two Italian excellences in the development and production of Health-Care products, involving, in addition to the previously mentioned ones, three other reference companies in the sector: Apharm, Claire, and Pharcoterm. Furthermore, at the end of 2021, Biofarma Group acquired Giellepi’s Finished Products division, which led to the creation of International Health Science (IHS), strengthening the Group’s presence on the market with “ready to market” products complete with clinical trials.

The latest acquisition in 2022 is the takeover of Nutraskills, a fast-growing French company specialising in the development, production and packaging of dietary supplements for third parties.

Through a process of aggregation that respects and enhances the professionalism and skills of the collaborators, the Group aims to create a solid corporate structure. Looking to the future with continuity and with a great inclination to accelerate the processes of innovation, change, and continuous improvement to establish itself on the international market and be competitive at a global level in the world of Health Care products. This growth objective is based on the intentions of three main change agents: entrepreneurs with their vision, management with their strategic and organizational capacity, and the finance world with the tools and relationships to support the company. 

Innovation, production excellence, and the high professionalism of the team are the values at the base of this new industrial project. The skills that make up each company of the Group. Six production sites distributed between Italy and France, allow us to offer customized solutions and an even more complete and transversal service ranging from the development of the idea to the finished product, as well as a vast catalogue of products, including dossiers, some of which are patented, available in out-licensing for customers with the possibility of being marketed all over the world.

Investments in innovative projects, production processes, and cutting-edge machinery, as well as in human capital, will allow the Group to become a beautiful and competitive reality, able to generate a sustainable and lasting impact on the territory, to look to the future and to establish itself on the market as a European leader in the development and manufacture of Health Care and Beauty Care products.

Biofarma Group in numbers

  • Around 300 million euros in sales (expected value 2022)
  • 914 Employees
  • 6 production sites in Italy
  • 88 state-of-the-art technologies (patented or in the process of registration)
  • 100 thousand square meters, of which 61 thousand square meters dedicated to logistics and production
  • 170 production and packaging lines for food supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics

Production sites

  • Mereto di Tomba (UD) and Headquarters
  • Gallarate (MI) – Italy
  • Cusano Milanino (MI) – Italy
  • S. Pietro Viminario (PD) – Italy
  • Herbergement, Pays de la Loire – France
  • Sérent, Brittany – France

Market area



Mereto di Tomba, UD, Italy

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