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Giellepi S.p.A.

Ingredients, science, innovation.

Giellepi S.p.A. is an Italian based innovator, developer and provider of high-quality, scientifically supported ingredient solutions for the nutraceutical, dietary supplement, sports nutrition and cosmeceutical markets. Our innovation and expertise as well as partnering with the best ingredient manufacturers from around the world allow us to provide only the highest quality branded and specialty ingredients.

For nearly 25 years we are working hand in hand with the world’s leading probiotic manufacturers to offer premium shelf-stable strains validated by gold standard clinical trials. Thanks to our extensive know-how in handling live bacteria, yeast and spore-forming bacteria, we have supported major global brand owners to develop successfully a variety of innovative probiotic-based formulas in different delivery formats.

Today, as developer and supplier of unique ingredients based on extensive clinical support, sustainable sourcing methods and strict quality control, our commitment to our customers runs deep from delivering R&D formulation expertise and regulatory compliance to providing the best customer service and technical support.


In an increasingly competitive and global market, Giellepi has a strategic vision that is innovation-oriented; we research and study proprietary ingredients with unique technical and technological characteristics that are key in formulating cutting-edge finished products.


The research activity of Giellepi is aimed at the characterization of the active compounds present in the raw materials, their metabolic function, bioavailability and safety. Our ingredients are carefully selected on the basis of precise quality requirements that allow us to be distinctive in the nutraceutical market.


Our extensive network of suppliers comprises the best-in class producers of health ingredients from Europe, China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and United States of America.

Our market-ready, science-based branded solutions include:

µsmin® Plus, a bio-enhanced form of diosmin for leg health and beauty.

Axtragyl®, a botanical extract for greater mobility.

Kalita™, a bergamot extract for metabolic wellness.

Poolzyme™, a line of enzyme formulations studied to meet individual digestive needs.

RossoPuro® Forte, a proprietary blend of natural components derived from fermented rice and plant for the management of healthy cholesterol levels.

For the Italian customers our product range includes a large variety of clinically studied probiotic, yeast and spore forming strains for digestive health, immune health, women’s health, brain health, children and infant health, oral health and weight management.

Market area

Europe · North America & Canada · Russia-CIS


Seregno (MB), Italy

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