Wellderly is a probiotic complex by SynBalance, specifically designed for elderly well-being.
Based on in-vitro rational and clinical trial, Wellderly provides relief from inflammatory symptoms, improves gastro-intestinal motility, restores healthy microbiota diversity and promotes body natural defenses.
A randomized, double blind, placebo control human clinical trial has involved 50 subjects which took the product for 28 days (T28) and were further evaluated after other 28 days of follow-up (T56). It was an easy to swallow delivery form containing 1B CFU/day/strain, meaning total 4B CFU/day. Patients were evaluated through a collection of daily questionnaire/ diary reporting inflammatory symptoms assessment, collection of stool , saliva samples and genomic analysis of stool for determination of microbiota composition in terms of phylum & genera (T0, T28 and T56).
Results revealed an improvement of anti-inflammatory & antioxidant activity through an increment of beta-defensin peptides during the treatment, as well as an increased salivary IgA and salivary total antioxidant capacity, showing a positive trend even after the end of the treatment (T56). In addition, a reduction of infections prevalence (either respiratory or gastrointestinal) and a shorter symptoms duration has been reported in the active group with respect to placebo.
Phylum & genera analysis showed a biodiversity restoration at gastrointestinal level, which reflects the overall positive response of the active group.

Scientific reference(s)

Sandionigi, Anna, et al. "Effectiveness of multistrain probiotic formulation on common infectious disease symptoms and gut microbiota modulation in flu-vaccinated healthy elderly subjects." BioMed Research International 2022 (2022).
After a selection of the most performing strains according to different and complementary in-vitro models, L. plantarum - PBS067, B. lactis - BL050, B. infantis - BI221 and B. longum - BLG240 have been chosen to compose Wellderly. The strains showed to modulate the inflammatory cascade (improvement of IL-4 and reduction of TNF-α), to increase cells anti-oxidant potential (FRAP test) enhancing also the activity of anti-oxidant enzymes (Catalase, Superoxide dismutase and Glutathione peroxidase). All these factors indeed, concur to regulate the low-grade chronic inflammation responsible for aging.

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Therapeutical area(s)

Healthy ageing


Anti-inflammatory activity · Antioxidant · Gut permeability



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4 billion(s)
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