DefensePlus is a probiotic complex by SynBalance, specifically designed to promote and support an healthy immune system.
DefensePlus has been studied in a randomized double blind clinical trial focusing on the prevention from seasonal infections and the support of the immune system through the gut microbiota modulation. 50 volunteers have been enrolled and equally distributed to receive DefensePlus 3B CFU/day for 28 days or placebo, followed by a follow-up period of 28 days to observe potential long-term beneficial effects.
During the trial, salivary and fecal samples were collected for the analysis of immune markers to detect antioxidant potential, salivary IgA and fecal defensins. Fecal biological samples have been used to perform genomic analysis through q-PCR in order to determine both the modulation of the gut microbiota (in terms of increased microbiological biodiversity) and the persistence of the species in the gastrointestinal tract. To detect the incidence and persistence of symptoms (respiratory, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal) volunteers were asked to report the presence and duration of symptoms.
The analysis of fecal samples showed an increase in the presence of Akkermansia, Bifidobacterium, Feacalibacterium and Prevotella in the active group, while in the placebo group no variation was observed. Compared to placebo, a significant presence of the three probiotic species composing DefensePlus was detected, indicating their presence and persistence in the gastrointestinal tract. Linked to that, it has been recorded a positive modulation of the salivary immune markers as IgA concentration and antioxidant activity, with a remarkable long-term improvement. Moreover, it has been also observed an increasing trend for beta-defesin and fecal calprotectin, in the active group both at the end of the treatment and follow-up period. In the placebo group both parameters decreased compared to the beginning. Accordingly, symptoms incidence and persistence faced a drastic decrease in the active group compared to placebo by 35% vs 60%. A similar trend was observed for the number of days with symptoms: 5 days against 12.

Scientific reference(s)

Reference: De Giani A, Sandionigi A, Zampolli A, Michelotti A, Tursi F, Labra M, Di Gennaro P. 2022. "Effects of Inulin-Based Prebiotics Alone or in Combination with Probiotics on Human Gut Microbiota and Markers of Immune System: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study in Healthy Subjects" Microorganisms 10, no. 6: 1256.
The selection comes from a priori in-vitro screening on their ability in different in-vitro models identifying the mechanism of action involved in the immune system modulation (lowering TNF-α, upregulating IL-4, antioxidant activity) as well as the enhancement of antimicrobial peptides as BetaDefensin-2 belonging to the innate response.

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Therapeutical area(s)

Immune system


Anti-inflammatory activity · Antioxidant · Gut permeability



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3 billion(s)
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