Lactobacillus salivarius I 1794


Restoration of the physiological intestinal balance. Pediatric gastroenteritis. Immunomodulatory activity in allergic patients (for asthma and allergic rhinitis). Induces a significant reduction of LDL cholesterol, as well as a significant improvement of the LDL / HDL ratio. Reduces the release of type 2 cytokines, induces an improvement in the th1 / th2 ratio.

Deposited at the International Culture Collection CNCM – Institute Pasteur (Paris) Deposit N°CNCM I 1794

Isolated from healthy human environment.

The microbial strain is not genetically modified and it is of natural origin (OMG Reg. (CE) 1829/2003 e 1830/2003)

Shelf life raw material: 12 months when stored below -20°C or 6 months when stored below 8°C.

Strains are selected in accordance with European Patent n° 0861905 B1: “Novel lactobacilli strains useful in the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal system”

Scientific reference(s)

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Assessment of efficacy of repeated administration of PSMIX and VSL3 in the model of TNBS-induced chronic colonic hypersensitivity in rats (curative paradigm) [September 2011].

Additional info

Therapeutical area(s)

Cardiometabolic · Gastrointestinal tract · Immune system · Skin health


Allergy · Atopic dermatitis · Cholesterol management · Immune stimulation


Adults · Children

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Probiotic blends with Lactobacillus salivarius I 1794

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