Lactobacillus acidophilus – LA02 (DSM 21717)


 Rebalance of intestinal microbiota • Oxalate degradation • Reduction of intestinal inflammation • Potential reduction of kidney stones incidence 

Scientific reference(s)

Del Piano M. et al. In Vitro Sensitivity of Probiotics to Human Pancreatic Juice. J. Clin. Gastroenterol. Vol 42, Suppl. 3, Part 2, Sept. 2008. (LA02, LPC00).

Internal data in vitro on gut permeability protection and anti-inflammatory activity available upon request for LA02 at Probiotical.

Mogna L. et al. Screening of different probiotic strains for their in vitro ability to metabolise oxalates: any prospective use in humans? (LPC09, LA02, LP01, LRE02, BR03, BL03) J Clin Gastroenterol. 2014; 48 Suppl:S91-95.

Luca Magistrelli et al. Probiotics May Have Beneficial Effects in Parkinson's Disease: In vitro Evidence. Front. Immunol., 07 May 2019

+ Internal data on anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties available upon request on certain strains at Probiotical.

Additional info

Therapeutical area(s)

Gastrointestinal tract · Gut brain Axis · Urogenital system


Anti-inflammatory activity · Gut permeability · Kidney stones · Parkinson's disease


Adults · Elderly
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