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What is MicrobiomeHUB

MicrobiomeHUB is a space that brings together the companies of the microbiome industry. Why is that?

Every day, technology shows us that it is possible to be close to each other from miles away. Why not make it a mean for business?

Begin to play your role in the microbiome revolution!

Sharing is growth,
connectivity underpins that process.
 The Microbiome industry has a promising future, both science and market show us everyday.

Joining MicrobiomeHUB speeds up your growth process

By becoming a MicrobiomeHub member, you will gain visibility showing up your best offerings and, most importantly, you will receive high qualified leads.

How to join?

Joining MicrobiomeHUB is straightforward:
Click “ADD YOUR COMPANY” to create your company page, a gateway to highly qualified leads!

Through your dedicated dashboard, you will have a comprehensive overview of your MicrobiomeHUB activities. Furthermore, keep a close eye on your page’s performance and unlock top-tier leads!

If you need further information, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We will be pleased to help you find the best solution in line with your business goals.

Start to plan your tailor-made lead strategy!

From strains to go-to-market, there is room for all

The Microbiome industry embraces a world of specialties, and in the MicrobiomeHUB there is room for all types of companies belonging to the different stages of the microbiome chain.

> Find your production step!

or take a tour of MicrobiomeHUB, it’s totally free!

Reach your leads with the right plan!


FREE per year
  • Our starter plan includes:
  • Contact premium companies
  • Strengthen your public presence in a dedicated platform
  • Add your company logo, text description, and other details
  • Enrich your plan with customized opportunities


1900 per year
  • Everything included in starter plan plus:
  • Add a contact form to strengthen your lead generation strategy
  • Communicate your company's participation in industry events
  • Add multimedia content (4 images and 1 video)
  • Strengthen your lead generation strategy by adding downloadable resources
  • Take advantage of discounts on customized opportunities


CONTACT US per year
  • To join MicrobiomeHUB with a customized plan, you need to have a free or premium company page.

    Improve your company page and also use MicrobiomePost's Adv Opportunities to enhance your business strategy.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us to explore further with us

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Both types of information form will come directly to your company, via the email you provide.

Yes, anyone who is interested, want to get informed or contact a company, can access MicrobiomeHUB and fill out the form.

Yes, data are available and will be updated every quarter.

The subscription is for a minimum of one year.

If you do not renew your subscription, your company will no longer be part of MicrobiomeHUB, consequently, the page will be deleted.

You can show the best about your company by uploading info in different formats: video, pdf, images, and text. 

Any more questions? Fill the form, we’ll email you to respond to all your questions

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